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  • "Our Agency recently received a Performance Award for being among the top 20% of high performing Home Health Agencies in the US. MyHomecareBiz & PowerPath contributed greatly to helping us achieve this Performance Award."

    William Shelton, CFO, San Francisco

  • "The MyHomecareBiz Process yields better outcomes and higher reimbursements..."

    Ken H., IT Director, Wisconsin

  • "Our nurses spend more time on patient care and have good careplans to follow. I really like the careplans and skilled nursing notes."

    Administrator, Precise Home Health Care

  • "Because of MyHomecareBiz our agency has moved up the ranks of the Home Care Compare ladder. Our assessments are checked and compliant with the Medicare CoPs. Our care plans are complete, comprehensive and include all relevant interventions. We're able to micro-manage patient outcomes and totally control the clinical are process. With MyHomecareBiz we know that all of our documentation is compliant and that we'll be prepared for surveys."

    Mary N., Director of Nursing, Elgin, IL

  • "We at Regional Home Care are proud to endorse MyHomecareBiz. Their program is very user friendly and has allowed us to move smoothly into OASIS-C. I feel their greatest feature is the one-on-one service they provide. It allows the most novice person to quickly learn billing, scheduling, admitting and much more. The staff has always truly been just a phone call away."

    Mark Anthony, Regional Home Care

  • "MyHomecareBiz assures that we provide a higher quality patient care, better outcomes for CMS review and ranking and a more efficiently-run Agency. Our process ensures "happy" nurses. The most important part about MHCB is the thoroughness of patient information."

    Laurie P., Director of Nursing, Oklahoma

  • "The surveyor said "If you follow PowerPath visit schedules and careplans, Medicare won't deny visits or request ADRs". With this endorsement I immediately purchased PowerPath."

    Malcolm J., Administrator, Care America

  • "When we started using PowerPath visit schedules, we stopped getting ADRs."

    Shelby J., Philadelphia PA

  • "With MHCB we're assured that all diagnoses, teaching and interventions correlate. The process is smooth from assessment to discharge."

    Angelique P., Administrator, Columbus

  • "Our nurses spend more time on patient care and have good careplans to follow. I really like the careplans and skilled nursing notes."

    Administrator, Precise Home Health Care

  • "Our Quality Assurance Process through MyHomecareBiz increases revenue, the quality of documentation, and client satisfaction. Our field staff spend more time on patient care and less time on paperwork. And paperwork is received on time. The point-of-care process is really valuable to our Agency."

    David R., Administrator, Cleveland OH

  • "With MyHomecareBiz we can count on the best patient care, compliance with CMS and smooth CMS surveys. Our field staff are happier, spend less time on paperwork, are better prepared when they go into the home. The whole process is just cleaner and easier."

    Michaela C., Director of Nursing, Dallas TX

  • "Our nurses spend less time on paperwork and more time on patient care. With MyHomecareBiz we maximize our revenue."

    Jackie E., Administrator, Enterprise Home Health Care

  • "The Quality Assurance process through MyHomecareBiz assures that diagnosis codes are correct and outcomes improve. It satisfies CMS standards for appropriate services and frequencies."

    Sandy F., Quality Assurance, Kentucky

  • "The Intake Process helps improve patient care and the efficiency of our operation."

    Glen P., IT Director, Columbus OH

  • "A bond has developed between our agency and MyHomecareBiz.com, one of trust and reliability. We have been asked for our input on different home health issues, which only strengthens PCHHS's working relationship with MyHomecareBiz.com. They are very interested in any ideas which may improve their product. Personal Care Home Health Services would like to thank MyHomecareBiz.com for an outstanding product and impeccable service."

    Michael Wishnecki, Clinical Care Manager, Personal Care Home Health

  • "The MyHomecareBiz Process is streamlined and eliminates excessive data entry by the nurse. It helps us to minimize confusion, increase growth and enhance our bottom line."

    Bridget W., Administrator, Oklahoma

  • "MyHomecareBiz taught us how to code properly to achieve the most accurate case mix. We spend much less time in the home and things just run smoother."

    Gina A., Field Staff, Kentucky

  • "I signed my homecare agency up with MyHomecareBiz.com three years ago in order to prepare for a JCAHO survey. Most of my staff was new and had not been through a survey before. The responsiveness and accountability of the MyHomecareBiz.com, staff has been as impressive as the product development. I do not hesitate to recommend MyHomecareBiz.com to any homecare agency. P.S. We passed the survey with flying colors!"

    Diane Vishnia, Administrator, Professional Home Care

  • "Our Intake process for the field nurse goes smoother and allows for proper implementation of the careplan. The care process is just easier. The whole MyHomecareBiz Process enables us to have oversight, less errors, outcomes and careplans are better and just a good path to good homecare."

    Ron W., Field Nurse, Denver CO

  • "MyHomecareBiz assures that patient charts meet standards of compliance and help us get to the top of the Home Care COMPARE list. Discharge planning starts with admission."

    Faith P., Director of Nursing, Divine Community Home Health Care

  • "With PowerPath it takes less time for the RN to do the assessment; clinicians are compliant with the regulations, and we know the diagnoses are correct. We don't seem to have billing problems with MyHomecareBiz."

    Laura T., Director, Reading MA

  • "We know that with MyHomecareBiz we are able to maximize our reimbursement and billing. We also know that the Process increases our quality of care."

    Susan G., Administrator, Pittsburgh PA

  • "We started using MyHomecareBiz in October 2010. Before, with our old system we had a lot of disorganization and delayed billing. Now, the quality of our Agency has improved. Our progress notes are completed and billable and we're getting our billing out daily. Our assessments and 485s are clean and accurate. Our assessments are also properly coded for maximized reimbursement. We also get paid faster and have improved our standings on Home Care Compare with MyHomecareBiz."

    Kelly D., Office Manager, Columbus OH

  • "We've found that we have a lower level of data input from the RN in the patient home. This increases the time for the nurse to actually spend with the patient instead of doing data entry. This also enables us to increase the number admissions the RN can do. Our nurses and therapists are guided to managing the Home Care COMPARE questions and Medicare's visit frequency. Overall we have less regulatory issues with MHCB."

    Stan T., Administrator, Dallas TX